On liberal media analysis of “The Sexualization of Young Girls”

After watching the video, which is a standard “sexualization of girls is bad” video complete with examples of Miley Cyrus’s dancing and Bratz dolls in lingerie, read the thorough analysis below it. It breaks down why videos like this don’t address the real problems of normalization of male-centric sexuality, which makes the problem of patriarchy invisible to those living under it..

Radfem-ological Images

Video from Sociological Images.

We have seen before that liberal media analysis consistently falls short of making meaningful political connections, or naming and explaining the foundations and mechanisms of male power.  The point of liberal and even liberal feminist media criticism seems to be to merely point out various “inequalities” or perceived positional slights and to conclude that these inequalities are undesirable on their face — for example, pointing out that young girls are sexualized more than are young boys suggests that the statistical difference is significant without explaining why that is so, or how or even whether it is of political relevance to women and feminists.

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